Stace Blondel: ‘Competition will be fierce as we go head-to-head’

Life at Agilisys

On 3 September, Agilisys Guernsey joins Guernsey Electricity, Ravenscroft, Butterfield, and Medical Specialist Group in this year’s Corporate Battle of the Bands, competing to win a £1,000 donation for charity.

We sat down with Stace to learn more about his experience of performing locallyand what makes Guernsey’s music scene so special.

What drew you to being a vocalist?

I think I always wanted to be a vocalist. I used to sing Guns N’ Roses songs in the Primary School playground – and by 15, I was playing in my first band!

Who are your main musical influences?

This is a tough question – my taste is very varied. But playing favourites, I’d have to say Beck, Wolf Alice, The Doors, Carter USM, Neil Young, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails… the list goes on!

What do you love about performing?

When the audience connects with your music and seems to hang on to your every word. It is quite powerful.

What made you want to get involved in our Battle of the Bands?

I was volunteered – and could hardly pass up the opportunity! 

Interestingly, all three of my band mates from Guernsey’s ‘Stuck to the Ceiling’ are taking part in BOTB with their colleagues – so competition will be fierce as we go head-to-head for charity…

What sets Guernsey's music scene apart from other places?

There are probably three key things that really makes our local music scene unique:

  1. We have been extremely lucky in Guernsey to be able to play and enjoy live music when most of the world couldn’t. In fact, according to Channel Eye, last year’s balcony gigs made music lovers in Guernsey among the first in the British Isles to enjoy live music since the start of COVID-19. 
  2. As a small and close-knit community, we’re really supportive of one another – I’m forever listening to and recommending other local bands. 
  3. We have fantastic local festivals – including Vale Earth Fair, Chaos, Alderney Week, SarkFest, etc.

Some of us recently had the pleasure of seeing you perform earlier this month at the Cobo Balcony Gig. Can you tell me about some of your favourite experiences performing locally?

I had an awesome time playing at the Cobo Balcony Gig – it was great to see so many happy faces in the crowd. I get a really positive buzz when I can tell that lots of people are enjoying themselves… strangely I hate speaking in public, but have no problem with screaming down a mic!

As for my top gig experiences – I’d have to say there are quite a few, and they’re difficult to choose between. Some of my highlights include:

  • Performing to a large crowd on the roof of a beach kiosk with my band ‘Mechanical Lobster’
  • Playing at The Vault with my band ‘Stuck to the Ceiling’, and seeing Tricky Dicky from EastEnders dancing away
  • Being involved in various music groups and performing alongside many talented local musicians – including singing and playing the guitar for ‘the Dolmens’, and filling in on bass for alt-rock band ‘Lifejacket’ and metal band ‘Choke’!
Stace Blondel, SAP Support Services Officer

SAP Support Services Officer by day and prominent local musician by night, Stace Blondel is Agilisys Guernsey’s vocalist and guitarist, battling to win the prize draw and bring home the sought-after BOTB trophy.