What's learning done for me?


Three newly qualified Agilisys IT Business Analysts share their experiences of attaining their BCS International Diplomas.

According to McKinsey, “the people who will thrive in the 21st century will be those who embrace lifelong learning and continually increase their knowledge, skills, and competencies.”

We are therefore delighted to share that we have three newly qualified IT Business Analysts on the team, who have this week been awarded their BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

With this achievement (and a few post-nominal initials) tucked under their belts, we took this opportunity to sit down with the IT Business Analysts in question: Zoë Bloomfield, Andy Mauger and Guy Christopher to discuss their experiences.

What were your motivations for doing the diploma?

Zoë: I really enjoy learning so it made sense to complete a qualification related to my role. The Business Analyst (BA) diploma seemed like the perfect foundation to acquire the skills and competencies required of a BA. I’m now ready for my next challenge!

Andy: I am passionate about enabling business change and wanted to be professionally recognised in that field. Plus, I also really enjoy learning!

What did you find the most challenging?

Guy: The most challenging part for me was finishing the written exams within the very strict time frame: you only get 1 hour to complete your analysis of a case study, which called for some seriously fast handwriting - something that seems to be getting harder for me every year!

What were your highlights from your studies?

Andy: I actually enjoyed the oral exam the most! Which is probably the opposite answer to what most of my peers would say...

Zoë: My favourite part was being able to apply my learning to my role which helped reinforce the material I was studying.

What did you learn along the way?

Zoë: A lot! The diploma provided so many valuable tools and techniques which can be applied to my day-to-day work as a BA.

Andy: How long have you got? There is a lot to cover in the syllabus. If I was to pick out one aspect, it would be which tool or technique is most effective in any given scenario.

How did your studies inform your work and field?

Andy: It enabled me to have a disciplined approach to introducing and managing change into  the organisation.

Guy: This diploma relates directly to my day-to-day work and it has given me insight into aspects of the role which I may not have yet experienced.

Zoë: The diploma has made me a much more confident BA in terms of engaging with stakeholders, gathering, analysing and documenting requirements, and analysing business processes.

What advice do you have for other people considering doing the diploma?

Guy: Try to apply as many practices from the textbook in your day to day work as possible as it will give you a huge advantage in all of the exams: I found recalling the tools and processes from experience to be much easier than memorising endless bullet point lists.

Zoë: Do it! It is a lot of hard work, but the satisfaction now having completed it is immense! I would also definitely recommend completing it in a much shorter timeframe than I did – I wish I’d taken the oral exam in the summer as soon as I’d passed the other written exams, as the 8-month break meant I had a lot of refreshing of specifics to do!

About Zoë, Andy and Guy

Since graduating from the University of Exeter, Zoë Bloomfield spent 9 years working for the States of Guernsey across various roles before transferring to Agilisys Guernsey as a Business Analyst.

Guy Christopher was recently awarded his BSc (Hons) degree from the Open University, where he studied IT, Accounting and Management alongside his 8-year career with the States of Guernsey.

Andy Mauger transferred to Agilisys as an IT Business Analyst, and has qualified as a PRINCE2 Agile Foundation & Practitioner.